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Tsunga - Schlangbanger EP


Schlangbanger EP

Infinite Machine

Released: 25th September 2015 | 4 track techno ep

After recent massive contributions to Black Acre's and Trax Couture's respective catalogues, Tsunga flexes his versatility and uncompromising ferocity yet again – this time courtesy of Infinite Machine.

He does this via four prime cuts of deviant dance music, comprising a clangorous, industrial cocktail of outlier musicianship and ordered chaos – lovingly dubbed Schlangbanger.

Kicking things off is Drip Diet – a brutal barrage of uprooted, off-kilter techno, anchored only to the hypnotic glide of its incessant synth whine.

As things warm up, Masstext rolls in, astride weaponized electro syncopation, wielding corrupted motifs of arena breaks hype – a dark cyberpunk belter with the best of sonic pedigree.

At critical heat, the coolant dub of RUN DIRT provides much-needed soulful respite, before gradually evaporating into intoxicating junglist fumes.

Closer Hugo('s) Bo$$ - while less streamlined for dancefloor efficacy than its predecessors - is more of an artful document of Tsunga's manifold talents, blending electro, acid, and rave hardcore alike into a competent exemplar of 90's revisionism.