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Aphix - Ruby Grooves


Ruby Grooves

Infinite Machine

Released: 30th October 2015 | 4 track hardcore ep

Seasonally appropriate, Aphix's debut for Montreal's Infinite Machine pushes aside the brisk autumn air to reveal an eerie-yet-uncanny collection of four club-ready experiments, due out Halloween Eve. Ruby Grooves is an exercise in disemboweling modern Grime and Club, leaving their structure and palette laid bare within a haunting melodic cathedral, casting a subtle glance towards the likes of Logos, Clouds, Liar, Wen, Visionist and the ilk.

ED200 sets the pace with a tabla ricocheting under saturated organs & monk chorus as a broken club beat pulsates beside metallic growls. The title track, following suit, ethereally hovers over a mutated dembow before devolving into a pulse bass call-and-response.

Into Spheres resurrects the strings & drums of archetypical Grime, mildly detuned and broken, respectively, so as to unsettle, as a distant church bell reverberates indefinitely in the fog. A cliffhanger of an ending, the farewell Trick or Truth buries distorted pulses under decaying synths, slipping out of hand until it's gone.