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Kommune1 - Immolate
12" Vinyl
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Infinite Machine

Released: 27th November 2015 | 4 track techno ep

Leisure System alum Kommune1 has been a fixture of the extended Infinite Machine family for a while now, but it's only now that he finally graces us with an EP's worth of originals. Immolate is easily his most accomplished work to date, seamlessly integrating his many influences into a cohesive, absorbing whole.

Lead track Galax(o) is an electronic music scholar's dream, rife with nods to all of its eras and walks, layered akin to the notes and chords of a perfume. Its ideal candidacy as object of analysis aside, however, this is no home-listening fodder; but a singular techno belter, equally capable of peak-time sustenance or 5am catharsis. Its most easily distinguishable tips-of-the-hat are to early Kevin Saunderson, via its reese-led construction, and to Burial-circa-Loner, via its desolate, dubbed-out atmosphere, ghostly vocal interjections and no-nonsense 4/4 pulse. Phlaetus continues the story, less concerned with the dancefloor but, paradoxically, more insistent on rhythm, weaving UKG skip, step and shuffle into the steel-reinforced concrete of the techno backbone.

Axiom, on the other hand, is an exercise in suspended animation, seemingly capturing an ideal moment in time and repeating it every other beat… only gradually introducing achronic artifacts that seem to gently hold the listener's hand throughout the hypnotic progression. For their remix, Effy don't stray too far from the original, but apply a melodic techno masterstroke, in the form of an infectious, otherworldly synth riff. It pervades the entirety of their take, filtering in and out, unwavering.