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B.YHZZ - Contra



Infinite Machine

Released: 29th July 2016 | 3 track rave ep

Polish producer B.YHZZ (pronounced ?be wise?) joins the ever-expanding Infinite Machine roster this July, treating us to his debut EP Contra. Stylistically drawing from the same pool as some of our other recent signees, such as WWWINGS, W3C or Ziúr, his EP is aptly titled in that there is abundant counter-cultural energy underscoring the proceedings. Situated on the fine line between extreme club and rhythmic noise, and alternating between tense musique concrète arrangements and all-out cybergrind blasts, Contra is a treatise on an idealist mutability of clubbing. Glitched, retriggered and/or mercilessly processed car alarms, tire skids, beer can tab pops and guttural NYHXC vocal samples set the stage for deluges of low-end drone and volleys of gut-punching percussion.

Whereas tracks AGES and REDU attempt a measure of restraint – the former via a dembow-indebted flow, the latter via a seeming Rotterdam-gabber-in-triplet-form gait, it's on opener and lead track HOL that B.YHZZ pulls no punches.

Overlaid with occasional cyberized interjections and incessant whispered incantations, HOL maintains a hypnotic, subliminal groove while pneumatically hammering into listeners, at surface level.

This is the true promise of Eastern Bloc, post-communist, brutalist, unfettered punk – for the first time fully hinted at.