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Galtier - Myth Codes


Myth Codes

Infinite Machine

Released: 26th August 2016 | 5 track downtempo ep

The 46th release for Infinite Machine (and the 6th for 2016) follows some of the year's most acclaimed club releases. But unlikeZiúrAphix, and Alfred English, the music of Bristol's Galtier possesses a certain patience and fluidly that, in club music, is often traded for urgency and rigid structures.

That isn't to say the Apothecary Compositions alum and Nostro Hood boss is without a dystopian, stark vision on his Myth Codes EP—due out August 26th. The 3 song EP (with 2 remixes) starts with the rhythmic work out Chain, with its deep hollow reverb and simple flute that come to act as motifs for the EP. The most playful of the triad, Gold Bones breaks a dembow over pan flutes before the leading siren and comforting pads carry us through. The final Charm Complex starts off as quite the haunting brute, before inviting in a eerily choir and our overarching flute—this time a direct nod to Herbie Hancock.

On remix duty, Infinite Machine family member & Tropical Waste co-founder Iydes revamps Chain, giving it a fierce industrial sound and a hard dembow. Lastly, Sans Absence member tackles Gold Bones, capitalizing on its playful spirit and stripping back the ferocity, keep the warmth and rhythm up front.