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MUN SING - Witness EP


Witness EP

Infinite Machine

Released: 29th September 2017 | 5 track rave ep

Bristol-based and half of the mighty duo Giant Swan, Mun Sing.
Debuts on Infinite Machine with a vigorous 5-tracker titled Witness EP.

Awash with reverb and mired in distortion, cold and militaristic, decentralized and post-ethnic, both over- and under-produced, reclusive and yet inviting - a strong late-game addition to the fractious decon club diaspora.

Revenge is a heavily clipped drum workout with occasional touches of cyberized grime, and a heavy emphasis on space and directionality via pan play. Eye doubles down on distortion, marrying feral tribal hand drumming to synthetic infra-beast growls that underpin the cascading momentum of the track. An Illusion is just that – edge play at its finest, it deviously subverts listener expectation as it skirts ever-closer to self-fruition, yet never indulges (even as it imperceptibly escalates into languorous neo-EBM). Emerald jocularly maps in the conceptual and sonic haunts that the first three have left unexplored.

IM golden boy Urquieta provides a restrained edit of Revenge that tames the midrange heat and ups the sub weight while adding filmic pathos and polishing dancefloor functionality to a mirror sheen.