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Born in Flamez - Impossible Love

Born in Flamez

Impossible Love

Infinite Machine

Released: 8th June 2018 | 7 track electronic ep

Berlin based artist Born in Flamez returns to Infinite Machine with 'Impossible Love', a 7 track EP which questions the restrictions and tactics of queer love in the current political climate.

The notions of heteronormative monogamous ideals and so called queer free love are probed as binary poles in a world of tinder and an increasing trend of non-commitment. The constant pressure of hypercapitalism crescendos in an impotence of actual contact, but capitalism is also built on the ideal of family values - if you love you forget about the world (and your call to change it).

Basing their lyrics on commonplaces of rom-coms and heteronormative ideals of the one true love, reading phrases like I will never let you go closer, the phrase reveals a threatening subcontext. In this dilemma it becomes clear how any such dualism raises a myriad of questions and by this opens up a space for something outside its poles in which we navigate our violent love for each other