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Galtier - Terran



Infinite Machine

Released: 27th July 2018 | 6 track downtempo ep

The concept for the 'Terran' EP is centred around a lone human drifting through space, planet to planet. Who this person might be is irrelevant – it can be anyone, any gender, any race. What is important is that this person is undergoing a treacherous journey deep into the unknown. They are alone on this journey and it is no easy task, but their resilience and determination to carry on is what drives them forward.

The premise within this is based around the idea of each individuals own suffering, each person who walks this earth faces their own obstacles, which ultimately at its core is beyond their control. Much like the Terran drifting through space, the unknown of space parallels the unknown future of life, and the endless possibilities that perpetually arise throughout it.The EP is presented as a sense of hope – encouragement to all that even though they often drift through their spiritual life alone, they are not alone on this journey. Each Terran faces the blackness of space in their own way, and they too can choose how they perceive this arduous, yet immensely worthwhile experience.

What might seem like a crushing, over encumbering existence, at times, only adds to the worth of life. Life is a challenge – and it should be – as overcoming the challenge and powering on, despite the odds, makes each day and each moment (a keepsake if you will) innumerably more valuable.

There is no real sense of completion within this journey too, as 'home' is something that the Terran will not experience again. 'Home', or 'Earth' in many ways is birth through this allegory, and every moment from this point becomes the struggle of existence. One can never step backwards to another moment in time that has already passed, as the world will not allow you to return to your previous spiritual self. The only true and just way is forward, further into the abyss of the universe.