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Cradle Edge

May I Come In? (feat. iLee)

Innocent Media Co., Ltd

Released: 28th July 2014 | 6 track electropop ep

Check out S.I.D-Sound's new exclusive Electronic Pop project! This will be the second album of Cradle Edge. A very talented rookie, iLee, featured in those 6 electronic tracks to complete the master piece. You will feel the new style of music from S.I.D-Sound!

Cradle Edge is an Electronica Unit founded by Sang Yong (HiTaZ) Lee from S.I.D-Sound. They released their first album M!rror in March of 2013, and many of their tracks were included in rhythmical video games such as EZ2DJ and O2JAM. Cradle Edge is always looking for creative and innovative sounds and working hard to spread their music world-wide.