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Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel - Better Living (feat. Stuart Lisbie)

Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel

Better Living (feat. Stuart Lisbie)


Released: 29th November 2010 | 2 track neo-soul single
The NU Funk era is upon us! and Better Living is the reply of Juan Laya and Jorge Montiel who had teamed up with Uk Funk singer Stuart Lisbie in order to start this new venture of Funk with a dash of electronic stuff. The first tune of this release is a crossover dancefloor hybrid on the line of the traditional JB's sound crossed with a heavy synhtesized bass line which runs steady while the clavinet and the breaks take their turns in the journey. The second tune is a more layback but still groovy tune which starts in a Gospel style introducing the lyrics of Mr Stuart Lisbie who calls for a: Better Living and talks about the pure reality of today in a very funky style. Milt Mavrakakis keys, Stuart Lisbie lead Vox, Paul Batik on Trumpet, produced by Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel The Soul of James Brown be with us! The Neo Funk version is steady and groovy Simon Lee (Faze Action)