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Los Charly's Orchestra - The Latin Edition

Los Charly's Orchestra

The Latin Edition


Released: 12th December 2011 | 2 track latin & world jazz single

Nuyorican Disco Band, Los Charly's Orchestra has put together this very especial edition of Boogaloo, 70's Salsa & Latin Funk.

Stirring the melting pot, the multicultural congregation of Los Charly's Orchestra (lead by Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel) takes it on a brand new venture, searching back into the spectrum of Afro-Latin fusion, featuring a new version of the forgotten classic - Jumping with symphony sid (originally composed by the by the legendary Joe Battan) plus a Boogalooish/Swinging/Latin track called: My Barrio.

In between some of the guest musicians featuring on this release: Uk Neo Soul singer Andre Espeut and Salsa singer: Elpidio from Colombia joining the regular team of Los Charly's Orchestra for this Latin-Funk experiment.

*Good stuff! Really Like it!!! (Cal Jader / Movimientos)

*This is AMAZING!, completely nailed it (Chris Greenwood / Bonanza)

"Don't like it......I LOVE IT!!!!!! They sound like 1966 New York boogaloo/latin soul! 'My Barrio' is the best boogaloo I've heard in modern times"
DJ Lubi
"Excellent stuff"
Paul'ABBO' Abbott
"I like it a lot! - 70's Latin sounding but still modern, it adds an extra dimension to Los Charly's previous releases"
DJ Boo
"Really top Latin soul straight from El Barrio!"
Simon Fane
"Great stuff. My Barrio is spot on - proper boogaloo bomb and so well recorded. Brilliant"
Quinton Scott