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Los Charly's Orchestra - Disco Royale
12" Vinyl
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Los Charly's Orchestra

Disco Royale


Released: 24th November 2008 | 4 track disco single
Los Charly's Orchestra Music project created in 2005 by the two Venezuelans producers Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel. Following their past two releases (Soulfoundation & Disconsolidation) the Disco band has come back with a new EP called Disco Royale which promise to a bomb for all Disco music aficionados and all the people who likes to boogie. Among some of the talented members of the Charly's Orchestra there are artist of the calibre of Alison David (Ex vocalist of UK producer Paul Hardcastle), Xantone Blacq, Rotimo Soul, Noel Mckoy, Tom Nowak, William Cumberbache and Jose Luis Pardo from Los Amigos invisibles.