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Los Charly's Orchestra - Grazing the Grass (Una Miradita)
7" Vinyl
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Los Charly's Orchestra

Grazing the Grass (Una Miradita)


Released: 3rd December 2012 | 2 track new orleans r&b single

Grazing In The Grass (Una Miradita De Amor)

Think summers gone? Think again. Party time approaches and this is festive music to chase away your winter blues! Los Charly's Orchestra have hit the spot yet again with this new single, a classic cover of Grazing In Grass in the style of the iconic 1968 Fania Records/ Orchestra Harlow version featured in the Tarantino movie Jackie Brown. This is late-20th-century music brought straight to 21st-century dancefloors. Originally a huge instrumental hit for South African music legend Hugh Masekela, The Friends of Distinction recorded the tune with new lyrics and took it high into the US charts in 1969. The Orchestra Harlow version, led by Larry Harlow (El Judio Maravilloso) was Salsa in its infancy and a mix of Latin Jazz, Boogaloo, Latin R&B and just about every afro-Caribbean rhythm which shaped things to come. Los Charly's add new lyrics and bring back the vibrant 1968 sound of Fania, New York, Harlem and the Bronx, guaranteed to have you dancing and singing.