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Andre Espeut Quintet - The Message

Andre Espeut Quintet

The Message


Released: 1st December 2017 | 2 track motown single

The sound of Motown gives light and inspiration to the latest Andre Espeut Quintet single: The Message.
It's as if they've time travelled, back to Mr Berry Gordy's studio to make this tune, the Imagenes Recordings crew (Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel) in collaboration with Andre, have managed once again to brake the sonic boundaries to create their latest Soul anthem.

The message speaks about our communities and how we could pull together as people letting go of judgement and self importance. Harking back to the sounds of Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye & Bobby Womack this message has always had an influence on the music of this era and so we continue...

"I love it! Quality as ever! Beautiful Vocals!"
Abi Clarke, Mi Soul