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Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel - Electropical
Out 25th May 2018

Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel



Expected: 11th May 2018 | 9 track house album

Tropical vibes & Electronic get infused into one word and sound, reflecting a vivid picture of the Latin-American landscape, all processed in HD for an immersive experience which explores the colorful influences of the Caribbean, vast Amazonian dimensions and beyond.

Some of the most emblematic tracks from the Latin world are Re-imagined by Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel (Aka LCO), whilst some new material, and an awesome Nu version of the dance anthem: Pasilda get included on the bill for the latest venture of the London / Venezuelan production duo.

Playful sounds & organic grooves carefully balanced with a subtle Electropical touch come together, forging a natural expression of fusion, a perspective that has characterized the work of Juan & Jorge for more than a decade now, and is presented on it's new shape trough this album today.


Angelica Rincon - Vox, Alejandro Martinez - Congas, Andre Espeut - Vox, Carlos Saldana Kentiqena - Perubian Flute, Eikel Venegas - Trumpet, Grahan Mushnik - Accordion, George Malamas - Bass, Jon Desbrulais - Drums, Kiris Houston – Keys, Maria Rivas - Vox, Matheus Nova - Bass, Marcelo Andrade - Flute & Sax, Raphael Delfino - Guitar & Percussion, Zeu Azevedo - Accordion, Xantone Blacq - Vibraphone.

Produced by Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel.