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Bluntskull - Gwan Like Dem Bad EP (feat. Burro Banton)


Gwan Like Dem Bad EP (feat. Burro Banton)

Irish Moss Records

Released: 8th April 2016 | 4 track boom bap/nineties single

Bluntskull's Hiphop / Reggae anthem ''Gwan Like Dem Bad'' gets a re release with a fresh mixdown and three massive remixes coming from DJ Vadim, D'Maduro and Dirty Dubsters. Vadim has a brand new take on things with re played live sections and nice laid back drums to give it a brand new vibe. D M'aduro totally turns things on their had with a crazy Reggaeton Jamaican bass mix while Dirty Dubsters bring things right back to the early 90's with their classic feel hiphop remix.
Burro always on point remains ''Badder than dem and Ruffer than them'' all the way into 2016.