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Morkebla & Tihkal - Split

Morkebla & Tihkal


Indole Records

Released: 13th September 2014 | 4 track ambient album

Confirming Italy as a fertile source of distinctive electronic artists at the moment, another Italian, Morkebla (Alberto Rosso), appears in this batch, teaming up with Jimmy's new sample-based project, Tihkal, for a spilt tape of submerged ambient/not-ambient. With a release on Where to Now? and one forthcoming on Reckno, Morkebla is ploughing an interesting vein of fugged-up, textural electonica, where percussion clatters as if on the verge of collapse, voices murmur beyond comprehension and synths unsettle as much as they ease. On the flip, Tihkal loops fragments of harmonic synth phrases and crinkled field recordings to craft a phase-shifting collage of blissed-up stumbles.