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Bujuben - Broken Router EP


Broken Router EP

In Deep Recordings

Released: 28th January 2008 | 5 track leftfield/idm ep
Bujuben aka Ben Wheat is an outstanding budding producer, fusing elements of experimental, breaks and down tempo styles alongside a mix of other influences, the result is Bujuben, an eclectic and highly inspiring artist from Portsmouth UK. Ben is also an integral part of the highly acclaimed UK south coast act 'Swampglow' whos live acts have seen showcase finals in one of the UK's premier venues. Music from Bujuben and Swampglow have seen releases on, and been featured on exclusive compilations on labels such as Under Your Nose Recordings, with a future album showcasing on Give Up Records… The Broken Router EP showcases Bujuben's experimental style. Remixes come in the form of the eclectic Simon Heartfield's electronica sounds, and Vortechtral AM's down tempo acid style.