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Crème De Hassan - Technique & Rite
Vinyl LP
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Crème De Hassan

Technique & Rite


Released: 12th May 2017 | 7 track experimental album

Creme de Hassan is a collaborative effort and project of Paul LaBrecque (Head of Wantastiquet, Sunburned Hand of the Man) and Ghazi Barakat (Pharoah Chromium) that explores ethno-logical material in long, enigmatic sound-fictional excursions using guitars as machetes and electronics/synths/samples as a flashlight to illuminate creatures of the past and future lurking in the shadows.The tracks on Technique & Rite are based on six extensive jams the duo recorded in the first half of the year 2016. These sessions have been edited, cut-up, multi-layered, overdubbed or simply kept as is. All traces to accurately define the origin of the result have been effectively wiped out to achieve maximum alienation.