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Rodion G.A. - Rozalia
Vinyl LP

Rodion G.A.



Released: 2nd March 2018 | 9 track hard psyche album

Inversions presents a fresh selection of psych nuggets from Rodion Rosca's archives, with a collection of previously unreleased tracks written / recorded between 1978 and 1983, showcasing his innovative DIY approach to songwriting, recording and instrumentation. With a series of records now seeing the light of day in recent years, Rodion is beginning to garner the respect and admiration that eluded him in the restrictive years of the hardline communist Ceausescu regime, and led to his colourful ordination as the Father of New Wave music Romania.

"...Rodion's innovative musical explorations continue to trickle out, finding their audience and in the process earning their creator the long overdue recognition he deserves, and that ultimately has to be considered a victory of sorts."
Grahame Bent, Shindig
"Hard-rocking psych jams from the far side of the Iron Curtain."
Louis Pattison, Uncut
"Primitively Poignant"
Kris Needs, Electronic Sound
"Rozalia is rich in dirty T.Rex riffs and pummelling rhythms, but overlaid with multitrack vocals and electronic space-fuzz. A fitting tribute to both Rozalia and Rodion himself."
Andrew Male, Mojo