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Bright Star Catalogue - Backtracking

Bright Star Catalogue


Invader Music

Released: 5th May 2014 | 3 track techno ep

Bright Star Catalogue is the analogue electronic musical project of Londoners Elfed Morris, Elka and Bear based at the Briggs Warehouse studio in Hoxton.

The trio developed their 'no soft-synths' manifesto and improvised compositional approach during Summer 2009 and, in the intervening 5 years have spent their spare time creating esoteric synthesized soundscapes with strong sonic references to the golden age of ambient electronica.

Citing such inspirations as Klaus Schulze, John Carpenter, the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and the anonymous genii of the legendary KPM library, BSc have surrounded themselves with a collection of amazing, often unstable devices and coaxed them to stay in tune and in time long enough to create installments of the soundtrack to a collectively imagined non-existent Science Fiction opus. They have also ventured outside of the studio to play at events by the Super/Collider science collective at the Book Club in Shoreditch and into the countryside to play at 2012's Secret Garden Party festival. In tweed.

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