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Duval Timothy - Brown Loop
Vinyl LP

Duval Timothy

Brown Loop

I Should Care Records

Released: 17th March 2017 | 10 track crossover jazz album

Based on the idea that singular notes are bright and distinct they could naturally be represented by primary colors or simple bright blocks of distinct color. My style of piano playing is structured around playing chords which since I was young I myself and my brother always described as 'brown'. At the time that just came to me naturally but it seems to represent the mixing of these notes or colors until the individual tones combine to create brown in the same way you can mix paints. I guess brown also has something to do with identity as well. And the loop represents how many of the songs start in one place and circle back to finish in the same way they started. It's also a nod to hiphop since I feel my music is part of hiphop as much as any other genre but also they way I think of sampling myself in the creating process to make this quite repetitive songs that build slowly. - Duval Timothy on 'Brown Loop'