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Odyssey - Weekend & Inside Out


Weekend & Inside Out

Ism Records

Released: 9th July 2012 | 6 track nu-disco ep

Fellow Native New Yorker's Odyssey & John Morales collaborate once more and for Ism Records it's a dream combination. 'Weekend' the Leroy Burgess & James Calloway disco anthem reworked by Odyssey & Yam Who? from the bands brand new forthcoming album. Ultra hot for the summer, all the remixes commissioned here are by some of most established in the industry.

John Morales & Sergio Munzibai one of most prolific production teams to come out of New York of all time, and from the late 70's onwards were constantly in demand on both sides of the atlantic. Back in the limelight since re-releasing the M + M compilations for BBE over the past couple of years, we've gone full circle again as M + M remixed many of the biggest Odyssey hits from back in day including Native New Yorker, Use It Up & Wear It Out, Going Back To My Roots & Inside Out. Ism Records hooked up with Morales in 2011 and starting discussing working on production for the band. This version of 'Weekend' is balanced in tempo and styles, very close to the Patrick Adams Phreek version whilst also touching on the Arthur Baker's Class Action remake from 1983.

One of the scenes most talented producers and one of Ism's favourite remixers Ashley Beedle turns up the pressure with his second remix for Odyssey in the form of his 'Big Apple Uptown Story' series. Slightly tougher and more electronic than the M + M remixes but instantly a dancefloor smash, this has been getting road tested and tweaked for the best part of 2012 and is quite literally the sound of 'heavy disco'.

A name familiar to all the heads who were at the forefront of the mid 90's London 'Nu Disco' scene is Crispin J Glover. Crispin always hanging out at all the recent the Ism parties asked for the parts for 'Inside Out' and of course we had to oblige. The track which has been already remixed by a list of producers from 2011 but little did we know what was to be submitted. This is what you call a 'labour of love' and again a lesson in taking your time and working the mix to max!

The 3 serious remixes and anthems, all in one package! Enjoy!