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Freekwency - Seal the Deal - the Remixes


Seal the Deal - the Remixes

Ism Records

Released: 8th September 2014 | 4 track nu-disco ep
If its 80's grooves drenched with retro synths and mixed with ultra modern production techniques then Aussie producer Benny Badge aka Freekwency is your man! Ism Records present the first round of razor tight remixes off the Freekwency album 'Seal The Deal' released earlier in 2014. First on offer is the Ruf Dug remix of 'Midnight Rise' featuring Sarah Bates on vocals and very reminiscent of Eric Matthews and Francois Kervorkian's finest work. Dubbed-out synth's, bouncing drums, and a irresistible bass line that is already receiving some high praise from the boogie community. Next up sees the mighty Benny Badge turn out a deeper take on 'Living In A Lie', much tougher than the original album version, but still working smoothly around Ale Chamber's highly authentic vocals. The Boogie Cartel deliver a floor friendly monster of a mix on 'Midnight Rise. We're talking straight up the disco, boogie, house avenue to sleaze land, with a sick synth bass, late night synths with the sort of attitude that could only come from this young London posse. Label boss Yam Who? add's some rough street action to the sublime 'Something Else On Your Mind'. Going for a clear Loose Ends direction but still with those deadly trademark beats and the intense production sound that always destroys it on a Saturday night.