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North Pollard - Flight EP

North Pollard

Flight EP

Ism Records

Released: 6th October 2014 | 5 track nu-disco ep

Introducing North Pollard's 'Flight EP'…part dance floor, part cinematic or a night time drive.

The work of Thomas Pollard usually a bearded, skinny white guy from your average Australian household.

The Melbourne scene keeps on bringing the heat, North Pollard DJ and producer of considerable talents, delivers to Yam Who?s London based Ism Records a delicious and eclectic five track release.

With his own take on sample based, deep house getting some recognition of late, including a 12 releases on UK label Audio Parallax Records its safe to say you're in good hands.

Having been DJing for over 7 years, he's recently been developing and refining his live show at selected gigs whilst Djing relentlessly.

Fresh off the back of spinning in Japan, New York, London and Berlin, supporting the notables likes of Tensnake, A Guy Called Gerald and Metro Area's Darshin Jesrani to name just a few,

Melbourne synthesist Harvey Sutherland features heavily on 'Flight' whilst the highly in demand and uber cool Inkswel & Ugly Drums turn the clock around & a deliver a Chicago burner of a remix on 'Dream For Me'.

More local talent comes from Tom Day who dives into the deep with a sublime mix on 'Flight'.