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Jonathan Ryno - Dreamer EP (feat. Vanilla Stillefors & Gustav Nysrom)

Jonathan Ryno

Dreamer EP (feat. Vanilla Stillefors & Gustav Nysrom)

Ism Records

Released: 9th February 2015 | 5 track nu-disco ep

Ism Records presents Jonathan Ryno, part of the uber talented Rang Tang crew out of Stockholm. The 'Dreamer EP' features a wealth of talent including singer & producer Vanilla Stillefors, vocalist Gustav Nystrom and the Maija a classical trained pianist.

Ryno a npc style freak is from a Hip Hop background but now totally focused on quirky, mid tempo chilled house vibes. Following on from last years massive release, Slow Down on Oh! Records the new ISM EP is a total dancefloor bumper package

With a classic house feel and also including the amazing downtempo burner 'Cha-Em's Teapot', their 5 track debut full of charm, loose analogue beats and blissful vocals from Vanilla, Maija & Jonathan. Without doubt 2015 looks bright for the Rang Tang crew, with more material coming your way, they're without doubt the one's to watch.