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Ichisan - Bela Ljubljana


Bela Ljubljana

Ism Records

Released: 16th March 2015 | 4 track nu-disco ep

Born Igor Skafar, he is a Slovenian photographer by day, and extraterrestrial guru by night. Conjuring up immaculate disco-funk, Ichisan's work draws on immediate comparisons with Metro Area and Ilija Rudman's, grooving between Italo, Disco and Electro with warm analogue heart felt touches, full of space where everyone is welcome to party.

First up on remix controls is the Ism boss Yam Who? reworing the leading track 'Bela Ljubljana' adding a tough instrumental & atmospheric production, a glittering gem which moves smoothly between spacious euro pop and a full on downtown dub disco.

The second track is Ichisan's original cut, with bubbling electronic rhythms, quirky 80's synth and perfected 808 percussion.

Pushing the 80's future retro vibe even further is 'Veg Out',with a deadly crafty baseline, essential keyboard stabs and off kilter cowbells.

No stranger to the modern dance floor fraternity is Kalidasa, with an essential remix. He strips the parts down into a cosmic deep disco-house jam complete with dreamy arpeggio's and razor sharp motifs.