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Sweetooth - Disco Fantasy


Disco Fantasy

Ism Records

Released: 4th August 2017 | 5 track nu-disco ep

Paul Withey & Sarah Lazenby are Sweetooth and they make sensual sunny disco anthems. This is their debut release for Ism Records. Influences include Minneapolis Funk, Compass Point, New York Boogie and modern acts including Crazy P, Aeroplane & DJ Die's Sure Thing. Sweetooth's productions have that 80's feel, crisp and funky full of musicality and quirkiness with no samples & all 100% original. The lead track 'Disco Fantasy' is a complete saturday night voyage full of soulful synths, anthemic hooks over deep disco beats and hazy vocals. 'Make Believe' is given the remix treatment from label boss Yam Who? - turning the tempo up and giving it some peaktime attitude, whilst Don Dayglow goes slightly more 'Slo Mo' on his rework of 'Lose Control' dubbing it out and adding deadly filterd drops at those crucial moments.