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Danny Kane - Do It Right (feat. Jacqui George)

Danny Kane

Do It Right (feat. Jacqui George)

Ism Records

Released: 20th July 2018 | 3 track nu-disco ep

Birmingham's finest boogie duo Danny Kane & Jacqui George are back with 2 original summer jams both destined to light up any dance floor. 'Go' is a mid tempo burner with a syncopated rhythm, crunchy keyboard parts and a slamming funked up bass with Jacqui delivering the most gorgeous uplifting vocal refrain.

'Do It Right' is just as potent with a tough Oberheim bass line, heavy beats with a relentless marimba line weaving magic around Miss George's fierce soulful vocal delivery. Label boss Yam Who? takes on 'Do It Right' whilst notching up the tempo slightly, stretching out the groove with added synths, fx and delays. just as potent giving us possibly one of most original EPs of 2018.