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The Hinge Project - Brand New Day (feat. Mandel Turner)

The Hinge Project

Brand New Day (feat. Mandel Turner)

Ism Records

Released: 23rd March 2015 | 5 track nu-disco ep

Huge fan's of 70's & 80's culture, The Hinge Project aka Fanals Florent & Yo-One Sutter are searching for new sounds and innovations have constantly expanded his musical consciousness with record collection's holding true gems from the worlds of soul, 70's disco, Hip-Hop, jazz, and electronica.

A native of Brooklyn, New York vocalist Mandel Turner's musical background can be traced back to the time when he sang in Gospel choirs at church. Growing up in New York allowed him to absorb a wide spectrum of urban music that included soul, R&B, pop / rock, and the powerful influence of disco and club culture. In the early 1980's, with the experience of weekends spent under the musical spell of DJ Larry Levan at New York's infamous Paradise Garage club, Mandel's desire to pursue a career in music was sparked.

'Brand New Day' remixes come courtesy of boogie don's, JoeBlack & Ism Records owner Yam Who? Hailing from Brazil, Joeblack is on a mission to bring back good full on party vibes. Having released recently a successive number of disco bomb's, he steps up for Ism with yet another flawless production, wrapped around a seductive bassline, smooth piano chords and edgy repetitive keyboard hooks.

Staying on the retro-futurist dancefloor, Yam Who? Turns heads in a slightly harder, faster & stronger direction, displaying their love for 80s soul, electrofunk and fat synth's , drawing heavily on early downtown NYC & the golden hip hop sound.