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Odyssey - Legacy
CD Album
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Ism Records

Released: 20th June 2011 | 11 track nu-disco album
2011 sees the legendary disco group Odyssey teaming up with Yam Who? to record a new album for their label ISM Records which will include dynamic updated versions of their hits as well as cutting edge new material. The idea behind the new Odyssey album was to return to the era when groups recorded live in the studio and the new compositions Lonely Star & A DJ KO are the band at their best, a diverse blend of rhythms, musical ideas and thoughtful lyrics. To keep true to the feel of the original classics a great deal of attention was paid to the production techniques from the live recording sessions right through to the final mix where ISM sourced the studio which houses the custom built desk that Kraftwerk made their albums on. Odyssey are a musical family from Brooklyn, New York with a passion for blending Disco, Salsoul, Afro-Cuban sounds and Calypso. The group originally started out being billed as The Lopez Sisters when there were three of them -Lillian, Louise, and Carmen. In 1976 they became affiliated with Chappell Music and there met songwriter Sandy Linzer Linzer immediately loved the group, saw their enormous potential and immediately wrote and produced for their debut album from which emerged Odyssey's first smash single - Native New Yorker, an international hit late in 1977. A sequence of more hits swiftly emerged including the Slave produced Inside Out and Use it Up And Wear It Out, which stayed #1 in the UK chart for two weeks in 1980. In total the band managed five Top Ten hits between 1977 and 1982 in the UK and throughout their career they have consistently performed and toured throughout Europe. Part of the bands ongoing success is due to Odyssey's musical style which is rich and diverse, taking their influences from Gamble and Huff's Philly productions, classic soul, Motown, and through to afrobeat and prototype house. Odyssey and their counterparts have inspired further generations of producers and DJs over the years including Kenny Dope Gonzales, Joey Negro, Tensnake, Metro Area andDimitri from Paris to name just a few. Following on from Legacy will be an eclectic all star remix package from new players on the block to big household names including Ashley Beedle, Danny Krivit, Yam Who?, Joey Negro, PBR Streetgang, DJD, Freddie Cruger aka Red Astaire,Mr Beatnick, DJ Friction & Mode.