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Neon Circus - Digit-izm

Neon Circus


Jacket Pocket Records

Released: 10th May 2010 | 4 track electropop single
Leicester's Neon Circus count Ian Brown, Who Made Who, The Rapture, LCD Soundsystem and DJ Shadow amongst their many influences, which shows in the gritty 00s punk-funk of 'Digit-izm' The second release from Neon Circus has been featured on the MTV series slips and has been backed by BBC6 music. An Exciting 2010 awaits the Trio with a their Debut album due to be released in June.
"Leicester duo Neon Circus release Digit-izm, the second single to be taken from their soon to be released debut album Don’t Get Panicked. Following on from previous release Future Disco, Digit-izm is a stomping electro-rock track reminiscent of LCD Soundsystem - a key influence for the band along with 90’s heroes Ian Brown and DJ Shadow. Their admiration for early 90’s indie is further in evidence on second track Remember, where an acid guitar melody marries ethereal female vocals. Having first got together with nothing more than a home PC and a guitar, their sonic experiments eventually caught the ear of an MTV exec who decided to use some of their songs on street racing show ‘Slips’. Don’t Get Panicked is expected to be released later this year. "
leila, Gutter Magazine
"Second release for this already accomplished-sounding duo who expertly straddle the pop-rock, electronica and disco genres with enough style, panache and raw energy to ensure that they weather the inevitable LCD Soundsystem comparisons and come out the other side smelling completely of themselves."
CK, The Crack Magazine
"Following on from their debut single ‘Future Disco’, Neon Circus aka Mackinlay Smith and Dan Gooch focus on blending elements from a variety of genres, alternative, indie and electronica to build their second release, ‘Digit-izm’. The duo demonstrate they have knowledge of what it takes to create something new and original, focusing on the tools needed like software and instrumentation like synthesisers to create their own sound. The resulting track is a consistent line of electronica built upon by a catchy chorus line “we need to get some digit-izm”. This is memorable for the fact that it refuses to budge from your mind once heard. Although this song can be happily played on Cd and in car stereos, it cannot really be imagined live or in a club on the dance floor. It is therefore up to the remix version to aid the dance floors and make a name for itself in clubs. When it comes to the follow up track ‘Remember’, it is difficult to believe that both tunes are from the same people. The latter includes strings and has a much more natural feel. Both are in complete contrast yet perfect examples of the diversity these two can create. ‘Digit-izm’ is taken from the forthcoming album ‘Don’t Get Panicked’. "
Michelle Moore, Room 13