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Victor Davies - Stop
CD Album
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Victor Davies


Jakarta Records

Released: 29th August 2011 | 11 track neo-soul album
Victor Davies is back. With 3 highly successful albums, a number one charts single hit in Japan as well as numerous tours including two Blue Note Club tours through Japan under his belt Victor Davies has quite something to look back to. This doesn't keep him from coming back with a an infectiously enthusiastic new album entitled Stop!. It might be his best to date. Victor Davies fourth album holds a captivating fusion of soul, funk, jazz, acoustic and pop aesthetic with a distinct reference to his soul roots with tunes that recall the sound of the golden era of Motown and Stax. But don't get it twisted. This ain't another retro soul album that sounds like it was recorded in 1969. While Victor Davies uses those influences, he always adds his own trademark sound to his productions. Over the years Victor pointed out his very own style, making his music completly unique. As on Victor's previous albums, all songs are written and produced by himself. He did also record all of the instruments. The Album includes a bonus remix by Dimitri from Paris who has been Victor's long time collaborator and friend. On his remix of Somebody he adds a a brilliant discotheque, up tempo, soul feeling to the song.