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Farhot - Kabul Fire, Vol. 1
Vinyl LP
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Kabul Fire, Vol. 1

Jakarta Records

Released: 9th December 2013 | 12 track alternative rap/hip-hop album

Platinum Producer Farhot debuts on Jakarta Records

Many people might not have the versatile German/Afghan producer Farhot on their radar, but he's far from being a rookie.

He is the producer behind several productions you most definitely know, when you're a fan of HipHop & Reggae in the last several years. With 5 platinum awards on his wall & track records and full length album productions for Nneka, Selah Sue, Patrice and Talib Kweli under his belt, chances are high that you have heard his music before without even knowning they all came from the same producer.

Kabul Fire is his first release under his own name. It's a mostly instrumental dedication to his families hometown Kabul in Afghanistan.

But this album is not just another Madlib/Dilla/Premier copy. It has it's sound musical language and aesthetics with influences ranging from Hip Hop too classic Afghan music and Reggae.

From the Afghan samples based Tanoohs to the more classic Represent Heart on to Talib Kweli adding some words of wisdom to the Outro, Kabul Fire Vol.1 manages to stay versatile and layered over the course of the whole album.

Guest vocals are carefully choosen & being contributed by Ms.Dynamite, Talib Kweli and Kano & Giggs.

His first single Painkiller featuring the wonderful Ms.Dynamite was premiered on Hypetak this week.