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Ivan Ave - Every Eye
Vinyl LP
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Ivan Ave

Every Eye

Jakarta Records

Released: 10th November 2017 | 14 track east coast rap/hip-hop album

In 2017, we've only caught a few glimpses of what Ivan has been working on, namely the soulful Kaytranada x Kiefer produced loosie Also and the jazzy MNDSGN produced single Young Eye. As it turns out, these two cuts are a good indication as to what the Oslo based artist has in store for us with his next LP release. On November 10h of this year, Ave presents his sophomore LP Every Eye.
Every Eye, with its symbiosis of different producers, musicians and vocal styles puts Ivan Ave in his own lane. Leaving behind the sample heavy sound he's gained recognition with, Ivan embarks on his first
musical journey free of chopped up jazz, soul and funk records. But it would be an understatement to say that Every Eye still has jazz, soul and funk for days. Enlisting musical homies like Fredfades, MNDSGN, DJ Harrison, Kiefer, Kaytranada and Dâm- Funk on the production side, Ivan carves out his path as an ever-growing MC and singer.
All-though Every Eye sometimes hovers in a state of weightlessness genre wise, there is no shortage of gravity in Ave's lyrical universe. Ivan seems to have written this record as his own self help book, dealing
with the mechanisms of the mind, the heart, and the world he sees (or doesn't see).The title Every Eye refers to our various angles of view; the ones we choose and the ones we are assigned to. From any point of view, Ivan Ave's Every Eye will be a treat for every ear on its November 10th release through Jakarta Records.