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Kraak & Smaak - Electric Hustle
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Kraak & Smaak

Electric Hustle

Jalapeno Records

Released: 11th July 2011 | 12 track album
2011 is the year that Kraak & Smaak will take centre stage with the release of their third studio album. The setup single from the record – Dynamite - has already become the most added electronic record at American college radio and the band have debuted their new live show at the Eurosonic Festival to a rapturous response ahead of a mad summer of touring. Their new album Electric Hustle is sure to satisfy their growing army of fans and win over new converts. It is heavily song based with new singer Lex Empress contributing songs to the album as well as the band's MC Sebastian, rising UK bluesman John Turrell and Dutch songstress Janne Schra. The band also had the chance to work with vocalists who have influenced and informed their unique sound. The distinctive voice of house don Romanthony can be heard alongside New York funk legend Lee Fields bringing a brilliant diversity to the album which is weaved together by the trademark K&S beats and incredible keyboard playing. Wim Plug, Mark Kneppers and Oscar De Jong are the studio core of Kraak & Smaak. After originally bonding over a slavish devotion to vinyl and a love for classic funk records they went on to record Boogie Angst their debut album. Picked up in the UK by Radio 1 and in LA by KCRW the band quickly picked up fans especially in the Los Angeles TV and Film community. This led to their music being used in hospital chick show Greys Anatomy leading in turn to widespread use in other films and shows. In the UK support has kept building steadily on the back of the incredible live show.