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Hoglodytes - Peace Soup EP
12" Vinyl
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Peace Soup EP

Jalapeno Records

Released: 27th August 2012 | 4 track underground rap/hip-hop ep

Hoglodytes is the unlikely pairing of UK West Country producers Chubb Nice and Vinyl Peasant with New York rapper Emskee. How did they meet ? really don't ask me - I don't know and I can't imagine but what I do know is that this is some re-wind and start from the beginning righteous 90's hip hop vibes thrown down by some people who clearly love what they do.

Down with Flo-Rida and Drake chatting on some trance beats - Trot on my lover this ain't for you.

Down with the classics of early hip-hop ? Yes? Then sit back relax and check out three guys doing what they do - referencing (though never mimicking)the greats and bringing some fun back to hip hop.

That's all there is to it but that's enough right ?