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Ikon - Vai E Vem
12" Vinyl
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Vai E Vem

Jalapeno Records

Released: 9th February 2004 | 3 track single
Vai E Vem is the second single to be released from IKON’s self titled album. Following up on the summer success of their debut single The Dove, IKON come again with Vai E Vem showing they are capable of more than just the downtempo grooves for which they are best known. Featuring the vocals of brazilian beauty Pat Cerqueira, the drum & bass rhythms of Vai E Vem are stirring fans of the eclectic London outfit off the sofa and onto the dancefloor.Remixes come courtesy of Nu:Tone and Rephill. Nu:Tone is one of the rising stars of the Drum & Bass scene. Now signed to Hospital Records his productions and mixes are causing a major commotion with Drum & Bass don Fabio’s broadcast from the SONAR festival featuring no less than eight of his productions. IKON turned to him to provide a mix that goes straight for the dancefloor jugular and he delivered in style.Fans of IKON’s more downbeat moments can rest easy as German groove merchant Rephill delivers a beautiful guitar driven downtempo brazilian mix.