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The Allergies - Rock Rock / Blast Off (feat. Andy Cooper)
7" Vinyl

The Allergies

Rock Rock / Blast Off (feat. Andy Cooper)

Jalapeno Records

Released: 2nd March 2018 | 2 track boom bap/nineties single

One of the highlights from the album that started it all – 'As We Do Our Thing' was a tasty little hip hop double-A side single that featured a certain MC - Andy Cooper of Long beach underground rap legends - Ugly Duckling.

We are talking of course about Rock Rock/Blast Off – a release that sold through its limited run of 7 vinyl in a couple of weeks and has had fans in a frenzy clamouring for more ever since…

Yes folks it's a second chance to get your mitts on Mr Cooper's speed rapping vocal gymnastics and the first time round for their sublime old school funk remix of Blast Off...