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Dr Rubberfunk - My Life at 45 (Part 1)
7" Vinyl

Dr Rubberfunk

My Life at 45 (Part 1)

Jalapeno Records

Released: 27th July 2018 | 3 track funk single

For those of you that recall Dr Rubberfunk's second album - 'My Life at 33' you will have memories of a simpler time in the music industry before the onset of streaming when you could justifiably name an album after a physical music format! My life as a playlist addition just doesn't have the same ring...

Sticking with the theme 'My Life At 45' was conceived. A special series of Dr Rubberfunk 7 vinyl releases to celebrate his funky self via the medium.

The A-side 'How Beautiful' first made an appearance on 'Jalapeno Funk Vol. 9' and left a lasting impression with it's mellow psychedelic funk feels, jazz guitar licks and crunchier-than-granola drums. This special new 7 version wraps up all those lovely bits into a neat little mix that's perfect for a 45 and the obvious choice to kick off the series and offer the wax spinners out there…

And speaking of DJ's and drums we've kindly included a track of only those drums for those who like to get creative with that kind of thing and have some fun on the decks.

Also living on the flip side is the second full track – the brand new exclusive - 'Pressure Cooker'. It's a funk tinged blues instrumental a la Booker T & the MG's complete with Hammond, exemplary guitar, obligatory drum breaks and a solid bassline to get you nodding.