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Skeewiff - Private Funktion
CD Album
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Private Funktion

Jalapeno Records

Released: 20th February 2006 | 13 track album
Private Funktion is the third studio album from the daddy’s of the lounge-hop scene - Skeewiff. The album features a few collaborations, with Triumph Stag featuring the keyboard talents of Alan “The Hawk†Hawkshaw. They also teamed up with Jalapeno label boss Trevor Mac to produce a remake of Man of Constant Sorrow. Elliot, Alex & Trevor DJ together as the Skeewiff Soundsystem and the track originally came about as a live mix dropping the accapella from the O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack over some Skeewiff beats. Love Power features the sugar sweet vocals of Charlise Rookwood, a long time member of the Jalapeno family and as well known now for her toasting with Killa Kela as she is for her vocal performances on tracks like this and previous Skeewiff hits like Nitty Gritty. Wet Your Beak is an ode to the joys of drinking and features a thirties boogie woogie pianoman telling the world why he likes his vice so much. Ruby’s Revenge allows Skeewiff’s eastern leanings to come to the fore with chunky sitar breaks providing the backdrop while Soul Bossanova is a faithful and respectful update of the Quincy Jones classic.Whether you choose a pub, bar, juicer, boozer, cocktail joint or hotel lobby you can be sure that this album is going to be playing in any of the fruitier establishments you choose as your watering hole. Skeewiff †the retropolitan sound of swinging London.