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Skeewiff - The Orphans EP
12" Vinyl
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The Orphans EP

Jalapeno Records

Released: 7th May 2007 | 4 track ep
Sometimes records just can’t find a home. They try and fit in but they’re just too damn different. Nobody wants to be their friend. The other records all think they’re a little weird. And so it is with The Orphans EP. A collection of cuts that don’t strictly fit with the rest of what the Skeewiff boys have been putting out of late, but that we felt deserved a release all of their own. So who’s laughing now huh ??!! Delta Dawn is country and western breakbeat boogie bomb. The boys received so much love for their breakbeat rendition of Man of Constant Sorrow that they just had to put on the Boss Hog hats one more time. Next up is Saville Row †the theme tune from the best TV series never made. Dripping with trademark Skeewiff touches this drops dancefloor dynamite. Put Your Hands Up is a rock/rap/breaks hybrid. Which is why it ended up on The Orphans EP. Too good to stay on the studio shelves this shows another side to the Skeewiff’s versatile production skills. And finally we come to Tico Tico - back to Skeewiff being weird in the way you expect them to be. Cutting up vocal snips from big band vocal harmonies with latin drums and lounge chords. Crazy.