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Skeewiff - The Lost Masters EP
12" Vinyl
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The Lost Masters EP

Jalapeno Records

Released: 18th June 2007 | 4 track ep
Fifty? Really? So soon? Wow! Who would have thought we would make it to fifty releases ? And that’s not even counting our Illegal Beats label or the booty action. Fifty proper releases. well well well. OK then - better dust down the safari suit, pop another horse tranquilizer and throw a party then. And I suppose we’d best release a record to mark the occasion. I’ve got it - What about all the ones we left behind ? The ones the lawyers made us put on hold, the ones that were subject to litigation, the ones that were lost when the pressing plant in France burnt down. All of those lovely tunes gathered together on one law busting ep. It doesn’t matter who owns the rights, it’s only coming out on vinyl and nobody has the technology to play that any more. Free the Jalapeno four ! So here it is †the once in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece of record collecting history. Buy one before it’s injuncted. Big up to Young MC for hanging out in our old studio in Holloway giving it “ain’t no party like a skeewiff party “ on Bump Bump. You the man.