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Kraak & Smaak - That's Our Word EP
12" Vinyl
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Kraak & Smaak

That's Our Word EP

Jalapeno Records

Released: 25th February 2008 | 3 track single
2008 will be the year Kraak & Smaak break through to the big time. Having already previewed the club side of what we can expect from their forthcoming album with their last EP (Funk ass Rotator / Mad as Hell), the dutch trio now show the flipside of their ill behaviour with a distinctive leftfield EP featuring Stones Throw hero Dudley Perkins and 80's Jazz legend Carmel on vocal duties. ''That's My Word'' is a heavy funk-hop cut featuring the distinctive vocals of out-there rapper Dudley Perkins. ''We Love Stones Throw and Dudley in particular so it was a real privilege to have him lay down the lyrics on this track. His stream of consciousness style is completely his own but welded to a K&S beat, it's tight'' says Wim Plug from K&S HQ in Leiden. ''And Carmel is a voice that I have loved since the 80's so getting her on board really made my year'' says Oscar. ''I love doing deep emotional film score music and she has the perfect voice for it. I'm sending our manager to Hollywood to track down David Lynch and get it into his next film''. ''Cornered is my pet project'' says Mark ''It's exactly the kind of track I've been using to set the mood for our more experimental DJ sets and I really wanted to have something like this on the album. The clarinet that drives the track is just this beautiful eerie sound but with the drums underneath…. Wow''. The band are currently touring Holland with their new material before they release their new album and first proper single in March 08.