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Smoove & Turrell - I Can't Give You Up
12" Vinyl
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Smoove & Turrell

I Can't Give You Up

Jalapeno Records

Released: 16th February 2009 | 4 track ep
Gamble & Huff, Rufus & Chaka, Guru & Premier, Townshend & Daltrey. Music has given us some legendary partnerships. Lost souls who have finally connected with the other person that makes their music make sense. And so it is with Smoove & Turrell. Smoove the funk-king, a beatsmith in search of the perfect singer to add the magic ingredient to his tunes. Turrell a blue eyed soul boy and working class geordie dedicated to his family and the music inside of him Together they are making some of the funkiest tunes to come out of Britain since the 70's. I Can't Give You Up is a taster from their album Antique Soul and has already been playlisted (without any plugging) by Radio Nova – Frances hippest radio station. Achingly cool German indie label Lounge Records licensed the track for a 7 which immediately sold out, is now deleted and raises up to £100 a go when one appears on ebay. Now signed to Jalapeno Records the boys have given their masterpiece to King of the breaks A Skillz and deep funk don Lack of Afro for some remix business while Smoove himself also contributes a remix. But it's the original mix which is already causing a stir a fast paced northern soul belter brought totally up to the minute by Smoove's precision beats and production skills. Music to make people dance.