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Kenny Dope - Grandma's Rocking Chair - Kenny Dope Remix

Kenny Dope

Grandma's Rocking Chair - Kenny Dope Remix

Sähkö Recordings

Released: 12th July 2010 | 2 track jazz-funk single
In 70's there was a small bunch of truly talented jazz musicians in Finland that made a few total classic LPs. Keyboard player Olli Ahvenlahti was one of them and his band consists of the cutting edge of the Finnish jazz musicians of that decade. Early 70's groovy dancefloor jazz made a splash on the little Finnish jazz scene and Grandma's Rocking Chair can be seen as a highlight of that era. Grandma's Rocking Chair was originally released on Olli Ahvenlahti's The Poet-album (Love Records LRLP 168, 1976) and re-released as a single on Jazzpuu in 2001. In 2000 a US house producer Kenny Dope made a bootleg for his own Dopewax label from Grandma's Rocking Chair that he called The Illout. He probably did the remix without knowing what the track was. Most likely the track was taken from a Finnish Jazz 66-75-bootleg album. That conclusion comes from The Illout drum fill which is sampled from another track from the same bootleg (Matti Oiling's Oiling Boiling, from Happy Jazz Band-album, Finnlevy SFLP 9508, 1970). Boiling Oiling is Dope's re-worked beat track.