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Carola ja Heikki Sarmanto Trio - Carola (feat. Reiska Laine, Tapani Tamminen & Esa Pethman)
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Carola ja Heikki Sarmanto Trio

Carola (feat. Reiska Laine, Tapani Tamminen & Esa Pethman)

Sähkö Recordings

Released: 22nd August 2013 | 14 track vocal jazz album

Songstress Carola (1941-1997) is considered one of the most important female vocalists ever to emerge from Finland. This never-before-released album is modern vocal jazz of the highest caliber. One might well describe it as Finland's answer to Monica Zetterlund's Waltz For Debby.

Recorded in 1966, this album consists of the only jazz performances Carola ever recorded. Included is a select choice of modern compositions by the likes of Ornette Coleman and Finland's own Esa Pethman, and also classic ballads from Nina Simone's and Billie Holiday's repertoire. In all, there are 11 studio recordings and 3 live captures that are released now for the first time ever.

The highlight of this unique LP is Pethman's composition The Flame, which is presented in two different, but equally good takes. It's strong, puncuated rhythm and flute solo and Carola's capturing performance make the track destined to appear on playlists of discerning jazz DJ's, both in the club and on the radio. Another track that stands out is the superb modal take on Ornette Coleman's moody Lonely Woman.

The setting is that of a piano trio with Carola's vocals and the occasional sax and flute solo. Pianist Heikki Sarmanto leads the group, which includes Reiska Laine (drums), Tapani Tamminen (bass) and Esa Pethman (flute, tenor sax). All four were key players in the Finnish jazz scene of the 1960's and have played on many classic Finnish jazz albums from Christian Schwindt's For Friends And Relatives to Eero Koivistoinen's Wahoo! and Esa Pethman's Modern Sound Of Finland.

Carola made her career as popular singer, but her true calling was jazz. Tragically, as Finnish record companies didn't believe in the commercial potential of jazz, Carola was never given the chance to put out jazz records. Thus, the recordings which show her true capabilities as singer and interpreter, lay buried in the archives of the Finnish Broadcasting Company for almost 40 years.