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Bunker Hill - You Can't Make Me Doubt My Baby
7" Vinyl
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Bunker Hill

You Can't Make Me Doubt My Baby

Jukebox Jam Series

Released: 17th May 2010 | 2 track new orleans r&b single
When David Walker did a spot of moonlighting under the pseudonym 'Bunker Hill' with Link Wray and his band, the alter-ego was necessary not only to avoid a conflict with his other commitments but also to allow Walker to break out from his gospel shackles and raise some hell - which he most certainly did on the unique and astounding set of recordings he made under this new moniker. Redefining the term 'Blues Shouter', Bunker Hill's vocals are screamed, barked and growled with a truly wild abandon, like a deranged synthesis of Little Richard and Howlin' Wolf. The accompaniment from Link Wray and his Raymen, meanwhile, is a masterclass of stark, primitive blues noise. 'You Can't Make Me Doubt My Baby' is a bass heavy stomper, a rolling rhythm with cool piano hits and of course Walker's gruff vocal. On the other side, 'Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf' showcases Bunker Hill's (even) wilder side as he yells and riffs a call and response sermon based on the nursery rhyme of the same name over an insistent, sparse, clattering drum-led back drop. It's worth mentioning that all of the original singles were released on terrible styrene, which as most collectors know deteriorates progressively on repeated playing. So not only is it a pleasure to offer up Bunker Hill's unique madness to a wider audience, but also to preserve these two tracks on good quality vinyl for the first time.