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Mary Ann Fisher - Put On My Shoes
7" Vinyl
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Mary Ann Fisher

Put On My Shoes

Jukebox Jam Series

Released: 20th June 2011 | 2 track jump blues single
Up next on the world's favourite rompin' stompin' howlin' growlin' RnB oldies 45s series Jukebox Jam, a super-moody popcorn style R&B number with an aptly down-trodden vocal turn from Mary Ann Fisher! Following the release of this small-label RnB banger, Mary Ann went on to became well known as one of the Raelettes - Ray Charles' all female backing vocal troupe. In fact Ray held her in such high esteem that he even penned his excellent mambo R&B number 'Mary Ann' in tribute.

Originally released on the small but respected Blues indie label Fire, this is one which has proven particularly elusive to collectors and DJ's of R&B and popcorn alike and hence has been near the top of many wants lists across varying scenes over the past couple of years.

In contrast to the slow and mean 'Put On My Shoes', the flipside 'As Wild as You can Be' is a more raucous affair - a foot-stomping R&B rocker which sees Mary Ann gruffly berating her feral lover for his wily ways. Another essential 45 for your Jukebox Jam collection!

!!! Limited Run – Only 500 copies pressed !!!