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Larry Williams - Love Charms
7" Vinyl

Larry Williams

Love Charms

Jukebox Jam Series

Released: 14th May 2012 | 2 track jump blues single

Another dynamite R&B twin spin from Jukebox Jam - featuring 2 sides appearing on vinyl for the first time ever from the legendary New Orleans Rock & Roll star, Larry Williams. 'Love Charms' is a hot mid-tempo R&B cut with a popcorn feel. When it was recorded back in the late 50s by Larry Williams for Art Rupe's Specialty label, the song was doing the rounds as a potential hit-maker, originally written and recorded by Ray Stanley. Before Larry's version had a chance for release, however, the song rapidly appeared on singles by the likes of Sam Butera, Sanford Clark and even a female version by Diane Maxwell. Rupe must have felt that their version stood little chance amongst such mainstream competition, and the song duly went back in the can. Which is a shame, because this is probably the best of the bunch! Well, a shame no more as finally the track sees a 45rpm release, maintaining the Speciality logo and artwork - just like it shoulda been!

On the flip, one of a reported 20 recorded takes of Larry Williams' attempt at his label-mate Little Richard's hit 'Heeby Jeebies' - a rollocking piece of New Orleans R&R with Earl Palmer starring on drums.

Limited Run - Only 500 copies pressed !!!